Book Features:

  • 100 pages
  • Full, rich color
  • Photographs of all church windows
  • A parish history
  • Biographies of church artisans 

"Wheels and Roundels"

Celebrating 120 Years of Worship at Saint Benedict

Experience the stories of the Bible and the life of Saint Benedict told through the beauty of stained glass! Wheels and Roundels is a 100 page, gorgeously bound, full-color book that celebrates the 120th anniversary of Saint Benedict Parish, Baltimore, Maryland. This handsome, easy-to-hold book reveals the beauty and artistry of the stained glass windows of Saint Benedict Church, as well as an intimate look into the life of the man who created them, Angelo Leopardo Pitassi.

With a studio located in Pittsburgh, Pitassi began work on the windows that would paint the interior of the Temple with color and light. Using an ancient technique of fired and painted glass along with an antique art glass called Normandy, Pitassi crafted the life and miracles of Saint Benedict in 27 roundels, as well as many ancillary panes. The overall effect is best viewed at a distance so that the serene beauty of the composition and positioning of colors may be appreciated and experienced. 

Reflect upon the window masterpiece as a whole, whose preservation is made real through the gifts of those who over the many years have contributed to the Window Restoration Program. Through their efforts and those of our beloved parishioners and friends and all those who gather each day to celebrate and pray the Liturgy of the Church within this Temple, be continually strengthened by our patron, holy father Saint Benedict, for together we are built up as a “temple to the glory of the Lord!” 

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