The Right Reverend Paschal A. Morlino, O.S.B.

cordially invites you to his joyous

Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving
in Celebration of his 50th Golden Jubilee


Saturday, May 28, 2016

4 p.m.

Saint Paul Catholic Church

518 High Street

Portsmouth, VA 23704



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    Fr. Paschal's Golden Jubilee at Saint Benedict Church, May 2016



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    The Coat of Arms of the Right Reverend Paschal A. Morlino, O.S.B., Archimandrite of Akko

    Blazon: Sable, between the sails of a windmill in saltire Or four plates each charged with a cross throughout Gules.

    Description: The background of the shield is black alluding to the black Benedictine habit and the color generally worn by the clergy in the East and West. The windmill alludes to the bearer’s name, Morlino, which means a “little mill”. The four silver (white) roundels are taken from the coat of arms of Saint Vincent Archabbey. In turn these were borrowed from the coat of arms of William Penn. In the arms of the Archabbey they are depicted with black crosses on them. In this coat of arms the black crosses have been changed to red for differencing.
    The shield is unsigned with the mandyas, or cloak, the mitre and the pastoral staff all of which indicate the rank of Archimandrite which in the East is equivalent to Abbot in the West.

    On a scroll below the shield is the single word “Listen”, the first word of the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict here translated from the latin into the Greek as ακούτε.

    Fr. Paschal Gives 2015 EWTN Retreat

    On Friday, December 5, 2015, EWTN's employees and friars gathered at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL, for their annual ‪Advent‬ Retreat. The Retreat Master was Fr. Paschal Morlino, O.S.B., a ‪Benedictine ‬of Saint Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, PA. He has led Saint Benedict Church in ‪Baltimore‬ as pastor for the past 30 years. He is also the founder of Adelphoi Village, a non-profit child care agency that provides a continuum of care to over 2,500 youth per year through group homes, foster care/adoptive services, education, mental health services, in-home services and aftercare. Fr. Paschal carries the honorary title of Archimandrite of Akka. This title, bestowed by the Melkite‬ ‪‎Catholic‬ Church, recognizes Fr. Paschal's support of the work by the Archdiocese of Galilee, Israel.

    Fr. Paschal's 30th Anniversary Comments

    July 13, 2014

    With God’s help and good health we will accomplish [everything]. I ask you all to keep me very much in your prayers that we continue to move forward in Faith, Hope, and Charity.
    — Fr. Paschal, O.S.B.

    Today as I commemorate the 30th anniversary of my arrival in Baltimore I would like to take the opportunity to say a few words of gratitude.

    First of all thanks to almighty God for giving me the strength and good health to be here for 30 years and to continue being of service to this people of the parish. This past week When I was out at Caton Manor hearing confessions and anointing the sick, I thought to myself I wonder how many people I have anointed since I have been here… hundreds… how many confessions have I heard…hundreds etc. This has been a great blessing to me.

    Secondly, I would like to thank my parents and grandparents for giving me the gift of faith…they were terrific examples to me of lived-out-faith and sources of encouragement over the years.

    Thirdly my Abbots and my Benedictine community who have sent me here and allowed me to stay here. Recently I wrote to Abbot Paul who is retired and not in good health in our monastery infirmary. I wrote to say “thank you for sending me here.” I had the opportunity to visit with him on this past Thursday evening while at the Abbey, and we had a good chat. I asked him if he remembered telling me that I would most likely only be here for 4 or 5 years, and he chuckled. I said, well, the way it looks at this point it will probably be 45 years. I was not supposed to be coming to Baltimore at all but another assignment was lined up for me and two days before I was to take on that assignment he called me in and said he had a problem in Baltimore.

    Archabbot Douglas announced at our community meetings on Thursday July 10, that I had been here 30 years. He also mentioned that I had built the physical plant in Savannah in 1963. I am blessed in having been there in the 60s, at Adelphoi in the 70s, and here, still having the energy and health to serve. This service is the keyword. “Benedictines” serve the needs of the church.

    Also I am very grateful to the many people who assist me each day in the various ministries. All those volunteers who make the parish run smoothly. From the deacons to the folks who come and clean each week, and some everyday. There are certain things that I am very much intent on accomplishing while I am still able to be of service.

    1) The 80 Apartments for low and medium income seniors that I would like to  build on the 2600 block St. Benedict Street. We own all of the block except for that one piece. I ask you to pray very fervently to Saint Joseph that we can acquire that last piece of proper so that we can proceed. The owner wants $100,000 for that piece of property.

    2) A gathering space being built between the church and parish center or school building, which would give handicap access to the entire building and a space for the giftshop which would then remove it for the church – thus a new entrance to the parish center building and easy access to the parish center  from the church. We already have the plans for this drawn up and approved by the parish council, but the apartments have to come first.

    3) Geothermal heating and AC for the church itself as well as solar energy for the parish center - all of which is feasible. This would make all of our buildings much more cost effective and lower our utility cost. There are grants for this and we are working on obtaining some of these.

    With God’s help and good health we will accomplish it. I ask you all to keep me very much in your prayers that we continue to move forward in Faith, Hope, and Charity.


    Fr. Paschal, O.S.B.



    The Parish's Ice Cream Social in honor of Fr. Paschal's 30 Anniversary of Service to Saint Benedict's Church, Baltimore

    The Parish's Ice Cream Social in honor of Fr. Paschal's 30 Anniversary of Service to Saint Benedict's Church, Baltimore

    This week marks a milestone in the history of St. Benedict Parish and in my life as well. Who would have ever thought that when I arrived here in 1984 that I would have been here this long? I thought when I first arrived there is much to be done and lots of things that needed attention. Most importantly the people whom I was called to shepherd. The single most important mission here is to bring God’s people to know Christ better and to help them work out their salvation. That I have tried to do as my foremost priority.

    I thought that  I would most likely be here for a few years and then move on to some other assignment. The Archabbot at the time, Paul Maher, asked me if I would be willing to come to Baltimore. He had hoped that I could revive this parish and bring it back to life, as it was in a rather sad condition. This would have been my fourth pastoral assignment. Having been trained as a teacher and librarian, and not as a pastor, I had hoped to go back into the library and teaching. The other three assignments were real challenges for me and were wonderful experiences, but my heart was still yearning to be in the library and the classroom.

    Now I saw truly a real challenge ahead of me and I was praying a great deal that I would be up to this new challenge. What a shock it was for me and my dog Josephine when we arrived here in the city; most of my adult life had been lived in the country, but now I found myself in the middle of a big city. Now, I found myself immersed in a mass of concrete and blacktop.

    As my father use to say “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Lemons we had plenty of, and making lemonade was another story altogether. Everything seemed to have been in disrepair. The house where we, Fr. Fred and I, lived and where the offices were located needed a major cleaning and upgrading. Just a coat of paint would have helped but it truly needed much more, so we began. Getting rid of years of accumulated junk and useless things took us about 6 weeks of cleaning and repairing. This was only part of the activity. Brother Leo came down from Saint Vincent Archabbey and spent two weeks helping us. Creating a working area for staff and a meeting room in the basement of the house was a major endeavor. Central air-conditioning was essential for the house so that we had a good working environment. The invitation to folks who had become inactive, to become more active, in getting more volunteers into the operation of the parish, began. All of this took a great deal of energy and planning. God bless Sisters Mary Anna and Rosalia who pitched in immediately and helped organize the office and bookkeeping. Without them I would never have been able to accomplish so much.

    Prayer is the most important thing we do, helping us to deepen our relationship with Christ Jesus in order to reflect Him more in our homes, families, work places, school and places of social interaction.
    — Fr. Paschal, O.S.B.

    The church itself was in need of a general facelift and cleaning inside and out. Needless to say the grounds were less than inviting. Challenge was certainly the word with no money and lots of needs. However many hands came and helped to put things in good order. By the end of the year the house was looking good. The church had some major electrical wiring upgraded and was cleaned.By this time participation by the parishioners had picked up and we were on the upswing. How we got through those difficult days was only by prayer determination and the Grace of God.

    Prayer has been a very important part of the life of the parish. We began on the first Monday morning, the July 16, with Morning Prayer before daily Mass and eventually introduced daily vespers along with noon prayer. These are mainstays of the parish prayer life along with weekly Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament each Wednesday. In my estimation these have been the support of sustaining our continued growth. Prayer is the most important thing we do, helping us to deepen our relationship with Christ Jesus in order to reflect Him more in our homes, families, work places, school and places of social interaction.  

    It is with a grateful heart that I write these words. The blessings that have come with these 30 years have been unbelievable. I can truly say I have been blessed being here and I look forward to the future with an open mind and heart.


    Fr. Paschal, O.S.B.